Don Lemon and Russell Simmons have been at odds about the bold statements Don made to remedy racism in America.

“If a Black person who’s revered in the community says something that is conservative and part of a mindset that is hurtful to the community–it’s helping them but it is not helpful–people will say, ‘The problem with the Black community is the kids got their ass cracks showing!’ No, the problem with the Black community is that they need education and job opportunities. These realities are the ones we need to bring up when we talk about uplifting our children, first,” Simmons said.

Don  agreed with Simmons, but said, ‘Why didn’t you write a letter that said, ‘I understand what Don Lemon was saying, we need to take personal responsibility first, then here’s the points where I disagree with you.” Russell agreed, but took the conversation further by explaining how he managed to get in a better place than where he was going when he took drugs and lived a “fast life.”

The conversation became a healthy debate on what we can do as Black people to improve our communities and where the issue stems.

“We should have this discussion. We should start a process. Each individual has to go out and give what they can. What you’ve been doing is giving what you can and your intentions are good and I respect you for it,” Russell admitted. Their conversation was certainly a hefty one and worth the watch.

Check out their chat below:

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