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Too many men think that watching a movie with their girl means they’ll be forced to suffer through 2 hours of overt romance or tears. So untrue! Here are three funny, non- “chick flick” films to get you and your man through the weekend. Enjoy!

1. Date Night

Steve Carell and Tina Fey star in this hilarious movie about a married couple whose home life has become predictable and boring. While trying to liven things up with a sexy “date night” at a trendy restaurant in Manhattan, they find themselves caught up in case of mistaken identity and go on the run! (88 min., PG-13)

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2. Friends With Benefits

Friends who were recently burned in their relationships decide that love and emotions are overrated and embark on a sex only, no strings attached friendship. Of course, as in real life, this type of relationship is only easy and stress free in theory. Starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis “Friends with Benefits” gives you a humorous look at the pitfalls of such scenarios with a sweet ending that will have you cheering. (109 min., R)

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3. The Five Year Engagement

Tom and Violet (Jason Segal & Emily Blunt) fall in love and within the year become engaged. While beginning to plan the wedding life gets in the way and they find themselves moving across country for a career opportunity for Emily. Though agreeing to put the wedding off at first, one year turns to five and their once happy relationship becomes strained and confusing. Watching them try to figure it out and bounce back will give you a ton of laughs and some interesting dialog! (124 min., R)

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