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We’re in the age of the Internet, smart phones, social media and online dating. You can find the man of your dreams with just a couple clicks of your mouse! While that might be convenient for some, it’s also a little scary since you never know exactly who (or what) is talking to you on the other end. If you’ve seen MTV’s television show “Catfish”, then you’re all too familiar with the downside of online dating.  If you’ve been keeping up with the series, you’ve seen countless of hopeless lovers, desperate to meet a boyfriend, girlfriend (and in some cases fiancé) in person after months and even years of online dating, only to find out that they’ve been deceived.  For those of you who take Internet dating very seriously, here’s eight tips that we’ve learned from the people at “Catfish” to ensure that you don’t become a “catfish” victim.

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Do Your Research 

Now-a-days, everyone has a social media account (if not multiple), that includes: Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and I’ll even throw MySpace in there! It’s extremely rare that you meet someone that doesn’t use at least one of those platforms, which makes it even easier for you to do your research! He said he works at XYZ Company–a quick Linked In search can verify that. He graduated from ABC University–his Facebook network can back that claim.  After all, if he’s lying about something as simple as his place of employment, that gives you reason to speculate elsewhere.

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