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The Olivia and Fitz love story has to be one of the greatest sitcom love affairs since Carrie and Big from “Sex And The City.” It’s the story you really don’t want to cheer for. You’re totally mad that you even support this type of foolery (I mean, she is the side chick) but the love is so grand and you know wholeheartedly what it feels like to have lip quivers the moment he utters those three words you wish he would have never said out loud.

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Because their love affair is epically wrong, I feel obligated to do my best friend duties and hook Olivia up with someone better. Preferably a Black man, although I am secretly rooting for Jake! Here’s my picks for who Olivia should dump Fitz for!

1. Idris Elba

There are very clear and obvious reasons why Idris is number one on my list. Mainly because he is just simply gorgeous! He should totally play a very uptight British politician who Olivia helps through a big sex scandal. Let’s imagine he has a habit that I personally would love to support him through!

2. Jay Ellis

A “Scandal” moment for this newcomer would be a huge upgrade. His new role on BET’s “The Game” doesn’t seem challenging enough for him. I vote we (Shonda and I) cast Jay as Harrison’s old buddy that Olivia falls for. There’s so much to build on this storyline since we don’t know much about Harrison at all. Perhaps the two did a stint in prison together and Harrison is indebted to Jay.

3. Blair Underwood

When we were first introduced to Olivia’s love interest, Edison, I was offended. Norm Lewis is probably a really great guy and an amazing actor–for someone else. Olivia’s new guy should be powerful, seasoned, and most importantly dark and delish. Blair embodies all of those characteristics and would serve as some much-needed competition for Fitz.

4. Michael Ealy

Those blue eyes trump everything amazing about Fitz, including his sultry stare. Michael should play someone in law enforcement. Perhaps David’s days are numbered and someone takes him out. Michael could be the new District Attorney.

5. Boris Kodjoe

Boris is just eye candy to me. I never really hear anything he says nor do I ever laugh at any of his corny jokes on “The Real Husbands Of Hollywood.” In this new season I predict that Olivia is going to be super stressed. I mean, she totally got caught with her hand in the cookie jar and now the government’s Illumunati is out to snatch her life away! If it were me, I’d need to find a bedroom buddy! Insert Boris.

6. Columbus Short

So I have this theory that could seriously be all wrong, but hear me out. I’m thinking that the only reason Olivia isn’t really “fixing” (insert multiple winks and a firm shoulder nudge) Harrison is because they’re siblings. Now perhaps I am wrong. Which happens! Harrison needs to make the move on Olivia–like right now. The President has confessed his love, his wife has gone public, and America is on Liv’s tail. A Harrison save-me-now moment is so necessary.

I know I am totally dreaming because in real life on TV, Fitz and Olivia will live happily ever after and make adorable half-bred babies that will rule the world. I know it! But if you could have your way, who would Olivia leave Fitz for?

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