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Don’t be that girl who instantly becomes socially awkward whenever you are about that “new healthy eating plan” life. Dodging happy hours, always eating before you show up and canceling plans out of fear of derailing your goals are all not only no fun, but are also slightly strange.

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So go out, have fun, and read this: The Digest Diet Dining Out Guide. I adore this invaluable companion to The Digest Diet for it has single-handedly helped me maintain and extend my results while being able to enjoy eating out. From fast food restaurants to coffee shops to your favorite sit-down establishments, this guide is a pure gem. So ditch your black and white thinking, live your life, eat out without freaking out and still keep your healthy eating plan on track with these tips.

#1 Google Your Grub

Technology saves the day yet again. Most if not all restaurants have websites where their menus are regularly posted. This coupled with apps like Yelp and MenuPages there really isn’t an excuse for not Googling your grub.

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