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George Zimmerman’s defense attorney, Don West’s daughter, Molly West, posted a photo on Instagram of herself, her father and another family member enjoying ice cream. This wouldn’t be news if she never said these words: “We beat stupidity celebration cones … #dadkilledit.” How tasteless! What’s worse is that Molly chose to use the words, “Dad killed it,” and dad is defending a man charged with murder. *sigh*

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Don West has since apologized for his daughter’s lack of couth, claiming:

Most days since this case began I stop for ice cream after court on the way home. It’s a guilty pleasure and is well known by my family. I’ve been doing this as long as I can remember during trials. Earlier in the week I stopped for ice cream and two of my daughters were with me having attended the court proceedings. One of my daughters works out of town and we don’t see each other very often. I stopped for ice cream and we decided to take a picture of us in the car with the cones as a memory. I held my other daughter’s cell phone as I had the longest arm. I never anticipated that the picture would be released via social media. It was not taken for any such purpose or in any way as a comment on anything having to do with the case. To me it was a private moment with my family. My daughter accepts responsibility for her immature and insensitive comment and apologizes for it.

Apparently, the photo was taken the first day of the trial, when West infamously used a knock knock joke as an opening. I guess you can say bad humor runs in the family. First reports of Molly’s photo came on Thursday and Molly’s entire account was deleted by the end of the week.

While West claims his daughter is a  “kind” and “generous” person, he must not have realized that Molly’s mean-hearted caption was referring to star witness, Rachel Jeantel’s testimony, which revealed her lack of the ability to read cursive and her sometimes disconnection to the case.

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This isn’t the first time that social media has impacted this case. Earlier last week, state witness, Selene Bahadoor was questioned about the petition she signed in support of Trayvon Martin. So Molly’s Instagram photo is certainly within violation of the rules set upon the court in regards to social media.

Do you think further actions against Don West and his daughter need to be taken?

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