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Darker, taller and bigger. The prosecution’s star witness, last person to speak to Trayvon Martin, Rachel Jeantel is not who I expected at all. But, Jeantel delivered the most intense, compelling and moving testimony of the Trayvon Martin case thus far. The 19-year-old, soft-spoken but sassy teen stood tall and strong by her story. Though the defense tried everything in their might to discredit her as a witness, the lies in her story made her account more powerful, because after all, lying is real.

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The night Trayvon Martin died, February 26th, in Florida, he was on the phone with Rachel Jeantel–connected by his bluetooth.

Jeantel said Martin walked to the local 7-Eleven to grab some snacks. When he left, Trayvon told her that “a man was watching him… He kept complaining the man was watching him,” she revealed. She told him to run and he said he was going to try to lose him. After waiting for the rain to subside at the mailing station, he attempted to run Home. Their phone disconnected, but he called her right back. He sounded tired, she said before he exclaimed “Oh sh*t. The n**ga is behind me.” Jeantel heard Trayvon ask Zimmerman “Why are you following me?” Soon after, she heard a bump, then the sound of “wet grass” as if someone was rolling around.

Jeantel claims she and Martin were just friends, though it is speculated that they were secretly involved. Rachel remained stern that they were acquaintances because there was another “young lady” in the picture.

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Despite the defense’s relentless badgering, they were not able to counter her statements about her phone call with Trayvon. Jeantel’s attitude, though offensive to some, is intriguing and off-putting to the defense. Her unworldliness boosts her credibility because no one believed she was clever enough to drum up a false story.

Jeantel took to the stand for over five hours. Every minute of it entertaining! We’ve compiled her best quotes, including the greatest moment in court history when she became the modern-day Django, recalling that Trayvon called Zimmerman a “creepy a** cracker!”

Let’s countdown her best quotes (and faces):

10. “There were more conversations than this”

Rachel displayed signs of attitude when she first sat down to be interrogated by Zimmerman’s legal team. Mr. West, Zimmerman’s lawyer, presented her with a set of phone records, but didn’t give it to her in its entirety. She noted quickly that some were missing and called West out for it!

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