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The now-infamous trial of George Zimmerman is now live. Zimmerman is the self-appointed neighborhood watch captain responsible for fatally shooting unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin. This case has been given a spotlight and our country has become enthralled with whether or not justice will be reached. This case has gone from a homicide investigation to a modern-day Civil Rights movement. It’s been 16 months since the fatal shooting and Florida has now been marked as a state where the “Stand Your Ground” law is king.

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The defense has tried to paint a picture of the late Trayvon as a trouble-maker, almost deserving of his untimely death. They have also tried to make Zimmerman into a hero–single-handedly saving the lives of the residents of the gated Florida community he patrolled voluntarily. If convicted of his second-degree murder charge, Zimmerman will face a life sentence.

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