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“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Mimi Faust‘s love life is constantly on display. To be frank, we’ve watched her be dogged by her baby’s father Stevie J–who cheated on her, left her and continues to allow his new woman (Joseline Hernandez) to disrespect her by calling her names like “Molly The Maid.” If that wasn’t bad enough, Mimi’s open-book attitude makes her the ridicule of heartless jokes and unemphatic stares from strangers. I felt bad for Mimi because she reminded e of myself (back in High School). But, as I’ve matured and encountered life outside of grade school, I’m on the fence about Mimi’s behavior. n one hand, there are women out there who are being cheated on right now, and are very aware. There are also women who are victims of double lives and don’t know it. Therefore, I won’t throw too many stones.

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When Mimi announced that she finally moved on from Stevie. I was happy for her. Was I believing? Not in the least bit. But, I know how therapeutic a rebound relationship can be. Given the circumstances of a bad breakup, finding a new lover who will adore you in that glorious lust phases is soothing. However, Mimi’s choice–Nikko, aspiring artist–appears to be more harmful than good. There are several things that brought me to this revelation. From the moment Nikko arrived on the scene, I was skeptical about his intentions. He seemed just like Stevie–that suave, I have muscles, too cool for school kind of guy. I didn’t find him to be attractive, but I can see how women could be. His second showing on the popular franchise would reassure my thoughts about him.

He asked K. Michelle and Ariane to be in his music video

When Mimi gathered her girls– Ariane, K. Michelle and Erica Dixon–so they an meet Nikko, the first thing he did was extend an invite to be in his music video Hold up! You just met my friends and already you have requests?

Mimi is in his new video

Ariane and K. Michelle were more than willing to participate in Nikko’s video. They arrived to the set and caught up with Mimi who was in the makeup chair. We hadn’t heard the single, so we weren’t sure what the song was about. I thought it was a love ballad because Mimi was being featured as the leading lady. But, it turned out the terrible tune(I heard it today) is about jet setting from New York to L.A. What was the point of her even being in the visuals?

Gay or Straight?

K. Michelle caused a big hooplah when she announced that Nikko’s partner Johnny, who is also in the music video, is gay. Call me crazy, but I believe her! Johnny and Nikko happened to be eavesdropping on the girl talk and interrupted the chatter to only wine up getting into to an argument about it later. K. Michelle called Johnny, Nikko’s lover and they didn’t have much to say after that!


It took all of five seconds for Nikko to switch sides when the beef was going down with K. Michelle and Johnny. Not that he was supposed to choose K over Johnny (bros before…) but, he didn’t try to mediate the situation either. He jumped on K. Michelle’s case like a High School girl defending her friend. He made all the good end your career, run you out of town threats…

Shirt…or nah?

When Nikko first met Mimi’s friends, he offered to take his shirt off and reveal his washboard abs. Eh. No! Talk about thirst for camera time. Not to mention he was paparazzi prepared with dark black shades on in the club! Who was he hiding from?

As a woman, I like to see other women happy. I’m all for moving on, but Nikko doesn’t seem like he has good intentions. Jumping from a cheater to a opportunist isn’t beneficial to your well-being.

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