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Summer summer summertime! Finally right?! You worked hard by showing up for all your workouts, and now you get to show off. Your bikini is dying to be tied up and sported all summer long– so don’t throw in the beach towel now that you have finally arrived to the land of beach bodies. Staying fit on vacay is not only possible, but super fun and easy. Don’t believe me? Celebrity nutrition, fitness expert and New York Times Best Selling author of The Virgin Diet- JJ Virgin has given me some hot tips, so read this and get ready to pack those sneakers along with your sarong this vacay season.

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Double Your Fun On A Fit Vacation 

Want to try yoga and increase your flexibility, but your inflexible work schedule wont allow it? Or do you want to train for a 5K, but your only “running” friend lives on an entirely different coast than you? Well double your fun and plan a fit vacay. This trend is taking both the travel and fitness industry by storm as many fitness loving wanderlusters are trading in their frequent flyer miles for muscle loving excursions. The ladies at Sweet and Thrasher have beautifully blended their love for pilates and yoga with their love for the beach in their “Fitness + Foolishness Retreats.” Like to run and like visiting new places? Well next time you see a race in a city that you have been dying to visit, recruit your bestie and make it a bonafide sweaty girl’s weekend!

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