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Though a majority of us utilize social media to stay in contact with friends, family, colleagues and others we may find interesting, many searching for new work-related opportunities are taking to Twitter to make things happen on the professional level. Twitter serves as a less intrusive means of approaching someone you may not have a personal relationship with to inquire about new trends in a field you are interested in as well as a potential job. Here are four tips to using Twitter and its resources to seek new work opportunities.

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1. Do Your Research:

Start a list of all of the jobs and companies that may interest you and begin to gather information surrounding their social network presence. You may also want to do an advance search on Twitter based upon your city, the name of the company and/or other specific information that will assist. Some companies post job announcements via social networks, while others may advertise networking opportunities. One particular website,, serves as a “yellow pages” for companies and their social network presence.

2. Join Groups and Discussions via Hash Tag Interests:

Via searches on Twitter, one may be able to stumble upon a Twitter discussion about a particular industry or new developments in their field of interest. If you notice people who are working in a field you like participating in a s discussion, join them! It will assist in displaying your knowledge within a particular field and it may open the door to further conversations and networking. This task can also be successfully implemented by starting with a retweet of someone with extreme knowledge and contacts you will eventually like to be privy to.

3. Reach Out:

Tons of social connections are made daily via Twitter, and the same thing can happen for those seeking to make professional connections. After establishing a cordial and informative relationship on Twitter with someone who holds a position of interest to you, reach out via a direct message to further express your interests and request information about any upcoming opportunities. If they are open to conversing with you further, inquire about sending your resume as well off the network to get their feedback on it.

4. Follow Up:

A tweet can turn into a follow, which can turn into a retweet, which can turn into meaningful dialogue, which can turn into the exchanging of resumes, which can turn into a hire. However, none of this can happen without properly following up with your new connections. Be mindful of other’s time and prior obligations, however, think beyond any limitations that may hinder a true connection to advance your career. It may soon be time to pick up the phone to take these discussions further.

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