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Women are obsessed with living and eating healthy. Seriously. We’re so into our lives being top-notch healthy that we’d rather eat healthy than have a healthy relationship. Are you shaking your head “no” right now? You shouldn’t! This has been scientifically proven.

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Abe’s Market conducted a nationwide poll and discovered that 61% of women would, in fact, rather eat healthy than have a great love life. This may sound a bit surprising, but it’s a lot more common than you’d think. They polled 1500 women and asked them questions about everything from prayer to kids to fashion and eating healthy beat out each of these comparisons. Check out some of the results below:

· 61% of women said “they would rather have a healthy body than a healthy relationship”

· 70% of women said “they would rather their kids eat healthy than get good grades”

· 60% of women said “they would rather eat healthy than have a healthy financial savings”

· 83% of women said “they would rather have a healthy body than have a great wardrobe”.

· 54% said they “would rather eat healthy than have prayer in their lives”

Who knew women were so obsessed with eating right? I know that I agonize over eating a greasy slice or pizza when I make that choice over something fresh and green. I guess the heavy guilt is indicative of the fact that a healthy lifestyle is indeed important to me. I don’t know if I could ever say that I’d rather have a salad than a well-adjusted man. No. I definitely can’t say that. Give me a healthy relationship, a hefty bank account and an amazing wardrobe any day. You can keep your fresh fruit and veggies if that’s the trade off!

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