This weekend I’m bringing you an eclectic mix of horror, happiness and history! Head to Redbox, grab some snacks and enjoy!

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1. The Skin I live In

Starring Antonio Banderas and directed by Pedro Almodovar, this 2011 Spanish film is in one word, horrifying.  Or the director himself describes it, “A horror story without screams of frights.” Banderas plays fictional character Robert Ledgard, a brilliant scientist obsessed with artificial skin that is resistant to burns and bug bites. He lives secluded in his Spanish estate with his childhood maid and a beautiful woman named Vera whom he has been experimenting on for 6 years. The twists and turns in this film left me with my jaw dropped and a headache. One of the most creative and artistically done horror films I’ve ever seen. Be warned though…you will want to discuss after watching so make sure you don’t rent it alone.

 2. Defiance

Set in World War II Nazi filled Belarus, defiance chronicle’s the amazing true life endeavors of the Beleski Brothers, Polish Jews who who saved around 1,200 people by leading them into the woods and hiding out for around 3 years. Daniel Craig and Liv Schreiber star in this intense and very touching film. I missed it theatres in 2008 but it made for a great curl up on the couch with snacks night a couple weekends ago.

3. Happy

This 2011 documentary explores the idea of human happiness by interviewing people from all walks of life (in 14 separate countries) and sharing recent findings of “positive psychology.” Academy award nominated filmmaker Roko Belic made the film after reading an article that listed the United States as the 23rd happiest country in the world. I found this movie fascinating in its attempt to explain happiness and its place in the lives of various peoples. Will makes you ponder over your current definition of success and real happiness.


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