Between today and yesterday, two (count em) diss tracks were released aiming straight for Joseline Hernandez’s jugular. Benzino–Stevie’s ex friend, Che Mack–Stevie J’s wanna-be artist and Mimi Faust–Stevie’s baby’s mother, loaded up their ammo and fired, in hopes of upsetting the Puerto Rican princess. Not only did they make complete fools of themselves they fail miserably because while they were spending countless hours recording lackluster music, Stevie and Joseline are relaxing on the beach in Joseline’s native land.

All week, on Instagram, Joseline and Stevie shared intimate photos of their romantic (business) getaway. So here’s 13 reasons why Joseline and Stevie could care less about those silly disrespectful records!

They were hugged up, toes cradled by the warm sand!

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