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Stevie J and Mimi’s relationship is a hot mess. The two former lovers, current parents and faux enemies confuse me. Stevie claims to be on again off again with Mimi over the last 15 plus years and Mimi claims to be completely done with Stevie, but not over him and how he throws his “artist,” Joseline Hernandez in her face.

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“Do I look like a weak b*ych to you?” Mimi asks me as we’re deep in discussion about how people perceive her when they’re watching her relationship’s complicated triangle play out on Vh1. And to answer her honestly, I’d have to say yes, but to think about it further, I’d say no. It takes a strong woman to allow her reality, no matter how “messy,” to be caught on camera and displayed for us all to watch and criticize.

“It’s not a good feeling at all. It’s ridiculous!” Mimi admits of her relationship with Stevie and his with Joseline.

When I sat down with both Mimi and Stevie, I just wanted to know about the current state of their relationship because to have Joseline tell it, she’s got the sexiest man in the world, i.e. Stevie and she loves Mimi. Now can you see why I’m so confused?!

If not, check out this interview #TeamBeautiful JUST did with Stevie and Joseline and you’ll see their undeniable chemistry and they even express hot much they love one another.

Here’s the thing though–to know Stevie’s side of the story, is to know that all he wants is his cake, a plate, a fork, maybe even some ice cream so that he can eat it too. Check out what Stevie and Mimi  had to say about breakups, love and what they’d do on an island together.

*If I was stranded on a desert island I’d bring…

SJ: I have to bring three? It’s the kids, I need all of them, there’s five of them. That’s one thing. And my two ladies–Mimi and Joseline.

Mimi: Water…food, my daughter.

HB: I asked Stevie the same thing and you were on the island.

Mimi: Whatever!

HB: He wanted someone else on the island…

Mimi: His daughter…

HB: And…

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