Rich Dollaz Mom, Jewel

Jewel (Rich Dollaz’s mother) is another favorite of ours just because she knows how to call “b.s.” when she sees it. Jewel was very vocal about her son’s romantic relationship with his “artist” Erica Mena and only wanted one thing: for her to disappear. Jewel confronted Rich many times about his relationship, stating that Erica was not only crazy but would ruin his career. Jewel also called Erica a gold digger and a user and told Rich that she would walk all over him if he didn’t tighten up. Of course, Rich didn’t listen at first until he got played by the former video vixen on more than one occasion.  Eventually, Rich came to his senses and ended everything with Erica, proving that Jewel was right in her accusations and that mama ALWAYS knows best!

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