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After the failed attempt at sister bonding in Canada, the Braxton sisters went back to their everyday lives: Tamar back to working on press for her new single and the rest of the sisters back to being mad at Tamar. It looked like neither Tamar nor the rest of the sisters were making an attempt to try and fix things, and when Tamar had to miss Toni’s performance due to scheduling conflicts, the sisters got fed up with the beef and decided it was time for an intervention, or in this case, a “Tamar-vention”. Find out what happened on this episode of “Braxton Family Values” below.

Loosing All Patience With Tamar

After Towanda and Tamar failed to reconcile their differences in L.A., Towanda went back home to Atlanta and caught up with Trina. Towanda began telling her sister what happened while she was in L.A. and how fed up she was with their youngest sister. “I have almost lost all of my patience with Tamar,” Towanda told Trina which didn’t sound like a good sign considering that you need all the patience in the world plus some when dealing with Mrs. Herbert. It looked like the sisters weren’t only upset about the big “Tamar & Vince” secret, but the fact that Tamar constantly criticized their marriages and their husbands. It looks like these girls better get on the phone with Dr. Sherry and fix this!

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