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In a recent interview with CBS, Michelle Obama discussed the struggle children face when they grow up in a community riddled in violence, much like that of the West Englewood neighborhood, where she visited Harper High School. 29 current and former Harper students have been shot and of that 29, eight of them died.

To hear Michelle talk about the violence, that we’re all aware of is still shocking. It’s hard for me to believe that kids on American soil have to fear for their lives on a daily basis.

During the interview, Michelle talked about the stories she’s heard, “how every day [students] wake up and they wonder whether they’re going to make it to school alive. I mean every single kid worries about their own death, or the death of someone, every single day.”

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“One kid told me he felt like he lived in a cage because he feels like his community is unseen, unheard, and nobody cares about it. What’s our obligation to these kids? We do have one. We have millions of kids living in these kinds of circumstances, and we as a nation have to embrace these kids and let them know that we hear them, we see them,” Michelle Obama emotionally admitted.

We do need to do something and be a voice for the youth who feels invisible. President Obama’s gun violence plan is basic, but we need to know there are actual actions being carried out to keep our children from being fearful on a daily basis.

President Obama‘s Gun Control Plan:

  1. Closing background check loopholes to keep guns out of dangerous hands
  2. Banning military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and taking other common sense steps
  3. Making schools safer
  4. Increasing access to mental health services

What do you think about Chicago’s gun violence? Does it set the tone for our whole country?

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