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#TeamBeautiful has taken the time to gather these sensational news topics in your weekly cheat sheet, so that when you get into in-depth discussions this weekend, you’ve got something interesting to bring to the table.

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The IRS’ Sneaky Claims Against ‘Tea Party’ Members

The IRS singled out conservative organizations with “tea party” or “patriots” in their name that were seeking tax-exempt nonprofit status, putting them under extra scrutiny to see if they were abusing the tax law as it relates to political activity. These organizations were heavily questioned about their members, their donors, their public statements, and who they employed. No evidence points to any other non-conservative groups with the same type of intense scrutiny. Members of Congress from both Republican and Democratic parties, liberal and conservative activists and campaign watchdogs have all called for investigations and official hearings on the IRS’s actions.

Read the entire exposed drama on Mother Jones

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