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It’s been two months since Chris Dorner, the ex-Los Angeles policeman turned fugitive, died after being on the run for almost two weeks.

If you recall, two innocent women were severely injured during the manhunt for Dorner, and according to the Los Angles Times, the city recently reached a settlement deal for their pain and suffering.

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Here’s a little background:

As authorities searched for the accused murder, in what was described as one of the largest manhunts in Southern California history, two women delivering newspapers in a blue Toyota Tacoma were mistakenly identified as Dorner and police fired several rounds at the vehicle. As a result, 71-year-old Emma Hernandez was shot twice in the back, and her daughter 47-year-old Margie Carranza suffered serious injures due to broken glass.

According to reports, the women will receive a timely payment of $4.2 million in the settlement.

Although thier attorney Glen Jonas said he started negations off at $15 million or $16 million, he said “$4.2 million means a lot more to her today than potentially $7 million 10 years down the road.”

He went on to say that Carranza and Hernandez are “recovering well” from their injuries and dealing with the “emotional impact of what had happened that day.” However, they have mixed emotions about the settlement.

“This doesn’t erase anything that happened on that day,” he said. “It doesn’t change the trauma that they’ve been through…. They’re pleased with the fact that the case is settled, but that doesn’t mean they’ll run around with big smiles on their faces.”


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