Beyonce doesn’t want to ever see herself, or the world for that matter, as anything other than the goddess she likes to pretend to be. This is possibly why she banned photographers from her Mrs. Carter tour. Allow me to elaborate. Photogs are allowed–but, only approved cameramen who are coincidentally employed by her company–founded in 2008–Parkwood Entertainment. And, only approved (by Beyonce’ standards) photos will be released, reports Jezebel.

Here we are, in an age when not even Kim Kardashian’s lawyers can eradicate the Internet of her embarrassing sex tape (not sure if she actually wants to), being controlled by Beyonce’s insecurities. You may remember, after Beyonce’s black out performance at the 2013 Super Bowl, her publicist sent this e-mail to BuzzFeed in an attempt to have certain unflattering photos of King Bey removed from existence.

Said photos, showed Beyonce in her element–dancing like her life depended on it and exerting the obvious energy and muscles it would take to shut down a show. Bey doesn’t see it that way though. They may be a reminder, that no matter how hard she works, she too is human. Thus, not perfect in any way, fashion or form. The great, but haunting reality of the Internet refused to let Beyonce’s unflattering pics simply fade into red eye oblivion. Besides… we’re still having too much fun laughing at Beyonce’s imperfections.

Beyonce, you too at times can be ugly. And, that’s OK. We all awake with crust in the corners of our eyes, remnants of dinner on our morning breaths and flyaways that won’t lay down–even with the thickest of gel. Has no one told Beyonce this? Has Beyonce, in all her years of attempting to be flawless, actually convinced herself that she is? and she can’t handle it when she looks less-than-stellar? Probably. This is evident by her recent documentary “Life Is But A Dream,” because to Beyonce, the dream-like state is as close to perfection as God intended us to be. There you can fly without wings, eat and never gain weight and for brevity, do all the things you can imagine. Including, be perfect. The thing is, we aren’t asleep. We’re all very much awake.

We love you Beyonce, but this is getting out of hand.

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