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Beyonce is premiering her latest documentary, “Life Is But A Dream” tonight on HBO and many Stans and King Bey-haters alike are going to be tuned in for an in-depth look at the hottest chick in the game, just living her life. Jet-setting, extreme closeups and a glimpse of Blue Ivy are expected and #TeamBeautiful is hoping to learn something new about the megastar. And we know you are too,  but according to the reviews, it doesn’t seem likely.

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A few lucky folks have gotten the chance to view it early at Beyonce’s premiere in NYC and they have some very colorful words for Beyonce’s depiction of her life. Check out the best of the worst reviews of “Life Is But A Dream”:

Beyoncé’s Real Life Is a Self-Centered Nightmare

“Life Is but a Dream is supposed to be the official version of Beyoncé’s behind-the-scenes life, as she see it. And it is. Except for all the talk about the importance of family, we ultimately discover that Beyoncé is deeply self-centered…As much as we actually do want Beyoncé to like us—she is the closest thing we have to royalty over here, and her talent and beauty is remarkable—nobody is really sure Beyoncé wants to like us in return. We’re the people who don’t understand what it’s really like for her, she tells us. And after this big “revealing” documentary, we still don’t know what her real life is really like. Even though she swears she’s just like everyone else, it doesn’t seem like it. Maybe we’ll get more in the Oprah interview that also airs on Saturday night. But probably not. Beyoncé herself—not just Beyoncé’s dream life—prohibits us from feeling bad for her.” -The Atlantic Wire

Life Is But A Dream

“For those who can’t imagine growing tired of Beyonce Knowles’ flawless face (or the rest of her), try going 90 wearisome minutes with “Life Is But a Dream,” a vanity project that puts tolerance for showbiz self-obsession to the test. Candid video, rehearsals, recording sessions, concert footage, and an extended minimal-makeup interview are cobbled together into this not-quite documentary, in which the singer grapples with success, and even shares her baby’s Ultrasound. “I always battle with how much do I reveal about myself,” she muses. Except for the most adoring fans, clearly a whole lot less than this.” -Variety

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