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Whether you are a newly natural chick or a wickedly experienced curlfriend, knowing the basics for natural hair is crucial. It’s the difference between hair loss and breakage. It’s the difference between spending hours on your style, or getting your life together in less than five minutes. YouTube Vlogger, Taren Guy has paved the way for us natural girls, and has provided an easier journey for you.

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1. Do: Detangle your hair, but only when it’s wet with conditioner.

2. Do: Clarify your hair using a clarifying shampoo at least once a month to wash away product build up.

3. Do: Apply a generous amount of product in small sections for the ultimate curl definition.

4. Don’t: Do not straighten dry brittle hair because it is more prone to heat damage than straightening moisturized hair.

5. Don’t: Do not think that you need more than 3 products for a successful wash and wear style. It’s more about application technique than actual products so don’t over do it.

6. Don’t: If you are not a professional hair stylist, do not attempt to give yourself a haircut. Even when you think you can achieve your desired shape, 9 times out of 10 it will not be what you visioned. Go see a professional!


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