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Ok beauties, I’m gonna brag a bit and say that I’ve got this five minute face concept mastered. In real life, I wholeheartedly believe that your morning beauty routine shouldn’t take much longer than four minutes. And those last 60 seconds should be used for cleaning up the bathroom sink. I’ve penned a list of essential beauty products that will help you create a flawless face in under five minutes much like our favorite celebrities.

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1.) Concealer – This is one product that a lot of you beauties skip, but really, it should be one of the first things you grab in the morning. Experts are on-the-fence about whether to apply before or after foundation. Either or, it takes about 30 seconds to apply. Perfect for hiding your under-eye circles or those unexpected blemishes. You know, the after effect of the chocolate bar from two days ago.

BEAUTY TIP: Be sure to use just a small amount of concealer and pat on with your fingers or a sponge onto your trouble areas. Do not rub! You don’t want to get a cakey residue on your face.

2.) BB Cream – For some of us BB cream is still foreign language. It’s been popular in Asia for years and now it’s officially THE new hot trend in American beauty. For the busy working woman in us all, it’s the perfect multi-purpose product that should be in your makeup bag. The coverage is light but a little heavier than a tinted moisturizer (aka lotion with color in my book). You can totally skip your foundation, concealer, and moisturizer–BB cream is a quick easy replacement.

PRODUCT PROPOSE: Illuminate, hydrate, nourish and even out your skin.

3.) Eyeliner or Shadow – I say when in a hurry just pick one. My beauty weapon of choice is eyeliner. I create a daily natural look by lining my eyelids with a brown or black pencil (depends on what’s happening after work) and I apply one coat of mascara. If you are super savvy try sweeping a layer of neutral tone shadow over the lid instead.

BEAUTY TIP: The key to a basic eye–apply with a light hand. Be easy with the products this isn’t art class.

4.) Bronzer/Blush – Contrary to what experts say, I go super heavy with the blush. I think it brightens up your face, molds the silhouette of your cheek bones, and leaves a fresh clean glow. Don’t worry if you’ve gone overboard, brush on some translucent powder to bring the color down some.

BEAUTY TIP: Powder is typically best for oily and combo skin and cream is better for dry skin. If you are using a powder blush, be sure to tap or blow off any excess.

5.) Lipgloss – And last but not least your last few seconds will be spent applying the lippy of your choice. From bright red, matte purple, or a soft blush gloss your lips will complete your 5 minute face. If you wanna cheat a bit you can always apply it during the subway ride into work.

BEAUTY TIP: For a plump full lip, add lip liner just outside your natural lip line.

Before your essentials are in place you have to get organized. Pluck or wax your brows regularly so they aren’t wild-n-out in the morning. Do that dreaded roller set on your tresses before you hit the bed and that’s one less thing for your am beauty routine. I am the worst at this, but have duplicates of all your makeup. This way you’re not forgetting anything or running from room to room to do your face. Your bathroom cabinet/counter and your makeup bag should be filled with the same items for convenience.

So beauties, did I leave out any tips? Chime in below.

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