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Dear Social Media, 

Die in a fire!


A woman who wants humanity restored back to humanity!

Forgive me if I sound brash, but I’ve gone on many Twitter rants about my distaste for social media simply because of what I think it’s doing to our society. Little by little, with each uploaded fight video, our sensitivity is slowly eroding away and in its place–a generation who shoulder shrugs at life’s most heinous and tragic events.

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Since news broke of the Boston Marathon Explosion that injured 170 and killed three, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have become a hodgepodge of  “thoughts and prayers for Boston,” but also gruesome photos of those injured participants.

Blood soaked concrete streets, burned flesh and the visual agony of those who have lost limbs began to merit likes, retweets and shares. And while all this was happening, in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but ask myself why? For what?

Has our desire to be the first of all our friends to post something no one else has seen, grown so great– or deplorably low– we’re willing to facilitate in the voyeurism of someone else’s pain?

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