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Brothers McCraig and Miles warren are suing U.S. Airways for discrimination after they were asked to change their casual traveling clothes into something more business-like. They two boys were wearing jeans, T-shirts and a baseball cap and were denied entry on the plane unless they complied with the rules. The Warrens purchased their flights on a discount from a family member who worked for the airline. According to the rules, reported by the Today Show, there’s a dress code when you’re in first-class by way of Buddy Pass or if you work for the airline. To fly in style, you have to fly…in style.

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The boys went to change their clothes, returned to the plane, boarded their first-class seats and in their amazement, saw two other passengers in casual wear in first-class. The Filipino and White customers told the brothers they weren’t asked to change their clothes. At first, I was ready to be outraged, but then I realized, these other two customers may have purchased their tickets without any type of family discount. Those same dress code rules don’t apply to customers without discounts.

Could this be just another case of Black people snapping when they shouldn’t? The Warrens are now suing U.S. Airways for discrimination. The Warrens are suing for racial discrimination and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. They are also seeking punitive damages. I guess if folks can sue McDonald’s when they spill hot coffee on themselves, this couple can sue for being asked to comply with the rules of the air.

This is what U.S. Airways spokesperson Andrew Christie had to say:

“We welcome customers of all ethnicities and backgrounds and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We take these allegations seriously. Initial indications are that these pass-riders were traveling on non-revenue tickets as part of our employee travel program. All employees and pass-riders are expected to comply with the policies associated with this travel privilege.”

Yesha Callahan of Clutch claims that she’s been a pass-rider on several occasions and was always 100% clear on the dress code. The Warren brothers may have never been told about the dress code, which makes this lawsuit very interesting. I wonder what’s going to happen with this.

Do you think this is discrimination?

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