Kayla Eubanks was met with an unpleasant surprise when she was told she was inappropriately dressed for her flight to Chicago with Southwest Airlines. While attempting to leave New York City’s LaGuardia airport, Kayla was told by the gate agent that her black halter top did not meet the airline’s dress code. She documented the […]

Well here’s a no-brainer, Black women with natural hair are less likely to “get job interviews,” a research report by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business suggests. Has the world not been listening to the plight of Black women? Over the last few years as we’ve been banned from graduations over our locks, passed on […]

"One poor girl was trying to look up products on her phone because you can’t even pick the products up to read directions, ingredients etc."


Unfortunately, dining while black has always been a thing and despite it being 2018, black people are still facing discrimination at restaurants around the country. The latest incident happened at a Harlem eatery that racially profiled some black customers, but also falsely accused them of not paying. Earlier this month while attempting to dine at […]


The woman's Facebook post went viral over the weekend after she posted a video of her uncomfortable encounter.


Apparently black hair continues to bother “others,” an issue that also continues to trickle down into work environments. It’s being reported that one of the world’s biggest retails chains, Banana Republic, is facing a $1 million lawsuit for discriminating against a black former employee’s hair. In a new report from TMZ, 19-year-old Destiny Tompkins was […]

The NAACP is recommending that people of color take extra care when traveling in and through Missouri due to a troubling piece of new legislation. Missouri’s NAACP has warned travelers to exercise “extreme caution” because they could be vulnerable to “discrimination and harassment” under a recently signed bill. According to CBS, Missouri’s Gov. Eric Greitens […]


These kind of stories you can't make up!

Trish Doolin said Seattle's KeyBank went as far as to call her company to verify if she was actually an employee there.

Plus, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver threatens to sue the state of Michigan and a Black fire fighter files a discrimination lawsuit against the Boston Red Sox.