Beyonce’s latest release of the snippet that is the disrespectful “Bow Down,” may have made Keyshia Cole spit poison from her lips in Bey’s direction, but Malik Yoba feels the exact opposite about Beyonce’s demands for us to bow to her.

I recently ran into my favorite former undercover detective and was delighted when he told me that he’d never heard the track. As soon as Beyonce sang, “Bow Down b*tches” with the heat of 1,000 fires, Malik stepped back and said, “She’s human. Someone pissed her off. Listening to the lyrics and the emotions to that song and the fact the she didn’t put it out as a commercial offering says to me, there’s somebody she’s speaking to specifically.”

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It makes sense that Yoba would think this because he was involved in a Twitter beef earlier this month, where his patience was tested and he snapped publicly. The beef was sparked by a reporter who apparently loves to “at”celebrities and poke them until she gets a reaction.

Malik’s exchange with her ended with him telling her to place her lips around his d*ck. This is the type of reaction I’d expect from someone like Rihanna and not from someone like Malik. Usually a well-spoken gentleman, I had to know why he’d even respond to such an insult. During an exclusive interview with #TeamBeautiful, Malik said, “People think that it’s ok to degenerate and disrespect someone just because they’re in the public eye.”

He continued, “Don’t think because I’m a positive dude, I’m going to always say something nice. If you come at me crooked, one too many times or if too many people came at me crooked too many times in a row, then they’re going to get it. I don’t always exercise that self control and I don’t regret it either.” I can’t lie–at first, I wanted to crucify him for allowing his temper to get the best of him and using such graphic language, but I had to look at him like a human being. You know–the type who makes mistakes and sometimes, snaps.

Being in the public eye is tougher than we think. “You know what I love about the public? When the public tells you how you’re supposed to act. Each individual has to tell themselves how to act,” Malik explains of his relationship with the public.

It’s understandable that your patience could run thin when someone tweets you like this:

While I understand that sometimes, it’s easier to respond in a negative way than it is to walk away, there’s a certain of self control that we all could learn to use more.

Do you agree with the rule we all learned in Kindergarten? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

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