Walter’s In The House

Cynthia and Peter were planning a black tie event for men’s health, and since Peter and Walter became such good friends while in Anguilla, he decided to extend an invitation to Walter. Cynthia was concerned about Walter attending the event because Kenya freaked out at the sound of Walter’s name while they were in L.A. Peter told Cynthia that Kenya would just have to suck it up and be an adult in Walter’s presence. Finally, it was time for the black tie event and everyone was in attendance and dressed in their very best, including Walter. Kenya arrived with with one of Kordell’s friends from the sports world as her date and when she found out that Walter was in the building, she wasn’t too phased since she has a big strong athlete on her arm. When all of the husbands got together for some gossip at the black tie event, Walter revealed that he wasn’t sexually attracted to Kenya because of her age and that she was “a little too old for his taste.” OUCH! Kenya, here’s your cue: “you say I’m old, I say I’m fabulous!”

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