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This week on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the girls’ vacation had finally come to an end and the ladies returned to their natural habitat of Atlanta, Georgia. Back home, Porsha returned to her controlling husband Kordell, Kandi’s dream home was finally finished, Phaedra and Kenya ended their booty feud and Walter popped back up in the picture! Check out the recap below.

Kordell Gives Porsha An Ultimatum

Porsha was excited to return home to Kordell and tell him everything that happened on the girls’ trip. While she was unpacking her suitcase, Kordell found the pregnancy test that Kandi gave Porsha as a gift during the Bedroom Kandi party in Vegas. Porsha was shocked that Kordell found it, but agreed to take the test so she and Kordell could find out the results together. After the longest two minutes of her life, Porsha found out that she was not with child, yet, which was sort of a disappointment to her. Porsha asked Kordell what would he think if she was pregnant, and he responded in the most nonchalant way possible saying that it would be “fine.” Porsha definitely wanted to be on the same page as Kordell if they were to have a baby, and obviously from his unenthusiastic answer, Kordell wasn’t as excited to have kids with Porsha as she was to have them with him. Later, Porsha sat down with Kordell and told him that the girls were concerned that he was too controlling. Kordell assured Porsha that while he was in control, he was not controlling. Is there a difference? Thanks for clearing that up, Kordell. Porsha brought up having children again, and Kordell told her that she had to choose between having children and having a career. Porsha started crying and tried to explain to Kordell that she could juggle having children and having a career – along with 99.9% of women in 2013 – but Kordell told her that while he would be working and providing for the family, Porsha wouldn’t be able to run the non-profit agency and be a mother at the same time. What a douche. It looked like Porsha has a huge decision to make, and hopefully her conclusion will put Kordell in his place.

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