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A 63-year old woman, Rae Stabosz was attacked yesterday outside the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Wilmington, Delaware, as she filmed the fourth abortion injury (twice in February and twice this month already) there in less than five weeks. Apparently, this particular clinic has had its fair share of botched abortions–often leaving the aborted baby’s body parts inside the mother–which requires the injured patients to be transported to the hospital.

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However, here’s the thing–when you go in for an abortion, there’s a stack of paperwork that details side effects and risks of the procedure, including parts of the fetus being left inside the uterus. The procedure has to be repeated if this is something that happens to the patient the first time around.

Rae usually goes to Planned Parenthood to pray and she met a young woman (and her mother) who suffered those same complications and convinced her to go to the hospital, where they found the baby’s foot and leg remained in her uterus. This outraged Rae and she attended mass, then returned to Planned Parenthood, where she saw an emergency vehicle outside the clinic.

Rae began filming and talking about these botched abortions when a woman emerged from the clinic, followed by a woman on a gurney. The woman who walked out of the clinic stormed towards Rae, knocking her to the ground and taking the phone she was filming with.

Rae recovered her phone inside the clinic, came outside, kept filming as the injured woman on the gurney was wheeled into the ambulance. She was covered head to toe in blankets. According to reports, the police soon arrived and Rae made a police report, but the attacker has fled the scene.

I wonder why the woman who exited the clinic immediately rushed to Rae to knock her down? Did she feel exposed? If this is happening at one clinic, there’s a big chance it’s happened all over.

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