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I’m not 100% sure many people understand how important Pro-Choice is. I can admit that when I was a Bible-toting teen, I thought that every baby deserved to be born and abortion was just never an option. At 15, I hardly had the worldly experience to know that not every pregnancy was wanted and there were times when a pregnancy had to be terminated.

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Such was the case for Savita Halappanavar, an Irish woman who told doctors that she was miscarrying her child, so she asked for an abortion. Doctors refused her request and according to Feministe, she spent three days, “agonizing pain, eventually shaking, vomiting and passing out.” Once she came to, she asked again for an abortion, was denied again and was told no because the baby had a heartbeat. She then died of septicaemia and E.Coli.

Halappanavar was literally dying inside, retching in pain and no one wanted to help her because doctors in Ireland don’t believe that women can decide what to do with their uterus.

It was only two months ago that Irish doctors got together and said:

“We confirm that the prohibition of abortion does not affect, in any way, the availability of optimal care to pregnant women.”

Optimal care. Interesting. Halappanavar didn’t receive any type of care. In fact, the baby that was poisoning her was more important that her own life, saddens me. It reminds me of Republicans like Richard Mourdock, who said that rape was a gift from God, but then said his words were misconstrued. He meant that if the product of rape was a child, that child’s life is a gift. Never mind what the woman feels, she was meant to have this child. That’s not fair.

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In cases like Halappanavar’s, it’s obvious that her life didn’t matter. It’s sad that her request was denied repeatedly. The world needs to adopt a Pro-Choice stance. Feministe reports, “the Republican party is trying to put laws similar to those in Ireland on the books in the United States — laws that would allow emergency room doctors to refuse to perform abortions, even in cases where the pregnant woman’s life or health depends on terminating the pregnancy.”

This can’t be life.

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