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A 22-year-old pregnant woman in India was allegedly gang-raped at a bar in Barki Kheri village. The craziest part of her attack is that it was set up by her husband! The woman, who is five months pregnant, took her complain to the police and told them she’d been captive for five days at the hands of her husband and in-laws. In a statement, the victim claimed, “I’m five-months pregnant but my husband wanted to abort the baby. I refused. To teach me a lesson, they first kidnapped me and took me to a liquor vend where they raped me.”

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The police have since booked the woman’s husband as well as the men involved in the gang-rape. Hopefully, they are all convicted and charged! This is such a disgusting case. Sadly, rape in India is a common act of violence against women. I’m grateful for cases like the gang rape of the 23-year-old student on the bus that brought international attention to the disheartening truth: Women all over the world deserve respect and protection against violence. A special thanks goes out to President Obama for signing off on the Violence Against Women Act.

What do you beauties think about this ridiculous story?

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