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George Zimmerman is the self-proclaimed neighborhood watch captain who took the life of Florida teen Trayvon Martin in February 2012. Since that fateful day, Zimmerman held on tight to self-defense and the infamous “Stand Your Ground” laws to protect him against doing hard time for Martin’s death. Zimmerman’s self-defense claims outraged the nation, as this sensational case lived in headlines for over a year.

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Now Zimmerman’s attorneys have thickened the plot and shocked the entire court by skipping a “Stand Your Ground” hearing set for April. This hearing could have led to a dismissal of the second degree murder charge Zimmerman faces in Martin’s death. The “Stand Your Ground” law was the only leg Zimmerman and his attorneys had to stand on, regarding their defense.

Had they been able to prove Zimmerman shot Martin in self defense, he’d be a free man. A not guilty verdict would send the world reeling! However, had they kept relying on “Stand Your Ground,” prosecutors would have picked Zimmerman’s story apart! Now it all makes sense. The defense team didn’t want to have to deal with Zimmerman looking like a liar on the stands, I guess.

According to ABC, the defense left open the likelihood that they could ask for a Stand Your Ground hearing before the trial in June, but by waiting until the later date his legal team would have more time to prepare their case.

Oh, they need more time? It’s been a year. Truth doesn’t need prep work. What do you beauties think about this twist in the case? Sound off in the comments below.

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