Today marks a year since we lost Florida teen, Trayvon Martin to gun violence. His death was a result of alleged self-defense gone horribly wrong. The self-proclaimed neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman claims he was in the fight of his life and “stood his ground” by fatally shooting the teen.

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#TeamBeautiful has followed the case through every last twist and turn–from Zimmerman’s appearance in the social media to his bail being granted, the whole world is watching and waiting…for justice. Take a look at the events that have happened since that fateful day in February 2012.

February 26, 2012:

George Zimmerman calls 911 to report “a suspicious person” in the gated community Retreat at Twin Lakes. Zimmerman says he is followed Martin after the teen started to run, prompting the dispatcher to tell him, “We don’t need you to do that.” Zimmerman pursues Martin anyway, but then says he lost sight of him. Zimmerman was found at the scene with a bloody nose and wound on the back of his head, gun in hand, standing over a lifeless Trayvon Martin.


Still a free man, Zimmerman becomes a petition on Signees call for Zimmerman’s arrest with nearly 900,000 signatures. The petition ignites protests all over the country, including walkouts in over 50 schools in Florida.


Zimmerman’s website goes public. He’s released from jail on bond and subsequently charged with second-degree murder.


Zimmerman received $150,000 bond.


Zimmerman’s bond is revoked and he’s ordered to surrender within 48 hours as the audio from his 911 call is released as evidence.


First photo of Trayvon’s hoodie released.

Zimmerman appears on Fox News.

Zimmerman’s wife arrested and pleads not guilty to perjury.


Zimmerman’s attorneys seek protection from “Stand Your Ground Laws.” Judge Debra Nelson assigned to the Zimmerman case, replacing Kenneth Lester.


Zimmerman’s brother, Robert holds a Q&A with Orlando journalists. His parents also talk to the press on his behalf, claiming their son is being portrayed in a bad light.


Zimmerman sues NBC for defamation.

January 2013:

Trayvon’s mother stands with Florida lawmakers in Tallahassee calling for the repeal of the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

February 2013:

Trayvon’s would-be 18th birthday and a full year since his untimely death.

From NewsOne:

The November killing of Jordan Davis triggered memories of the Martin case as another unarmed Black boy was killed by an older, armed White man claiming to be threatened. If there is fairness in the world, Zimmerman will pay for his crime justly, as will Michael David Dunn. The courts can’t bring back Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, but there is hope that the truth will prevail and the legal actions forthcoming can prevent future tragedies such as these.

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