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Perjury is defined as “the willful act of swearing a false oath or affirmation to tell the truth, whether spoken or in writing, concerning matters material to a judicial proceeding. That is, the witness falsely promises to tell the truth about matters which affect the outcome of the case.” According to the Huffington Post, this is precisely what admitted killer, George Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie Zimmerman has done regarding she and her husband’s finances during a bond hearing.

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The Zimmermans lied to the court about the money they’d be receiving from supporters via Zimmerman’s website. The funds were raised above $200,000 and $10 K by $10 K, the Zimmermans attempted to be sneaky and move funds in different bank accounts as to not cause any alarm. On June 12th, Shellie was arrested for these lies and soon released on bond.

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Sound familiar? George was first released on a $150,000 bond, arrested again after he and his wife’s perjury, then released yet again on a $1 million bond. Shellie is to be arraigned this week, but to enter a not guilty plea, is just…laughable. How are these Zimmermans so bold that they feel they deserve not to be in jail after George murdered unarmed Trayvon Martin and then he and Shellie lied about the money they were pulling in. On paper, this entire case is a frustrating joke!

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