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It’s tough on both ends however it’s important to grab a hold of yourself amidst the emotional chatter and realize that your heart was broken for a reason. It was not to punish you or remind you of your many alleged faults; it’s to propel you into the next step of your love life. Moving on never hurt anyone, however complacency has.

We will not remain bedazzled and charming to every lover forever. We will fight until we are red in the face wanting the ex to waive their decision, but when it’s done….accept this and stick to these five tips to truly move on in style:

1. Accept that you may lose friends or “family members” for good or for a while: While you are getting back to center, accept that you may not have the same mutual friends and that his family may either a) cling harder wanting you two to get back together or b) completely do a 180 on you forgetting that you even existed. Keep your distance for a while or let them know that it is over and you do not want to talk about that topic right now.

2. Stay off their social media: You are allowed one sneak, then you must delete or distance yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up thinking every status is an attack at your character, about you or even worse about someone new. It’s probably not, but the vulnerable state you’re in right now will say different.

3. Post-break up conversations: I know I want to write a long letter or meet up and have a really long talk when I get dumped–that’s my emotions acting a fool. The best thing to do is limit the time you spend obsessing to a minimum each day, write down what you are feeling, cry, but do not go trying to patch things up when your emotions are sky high. In fact when you feel the urge to call the ex just to “check in,” call someone, anyone else!

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