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1. Weights will make me bulk up.

Unless you are on steroids and throwing around some serious iron, you will not bulk up. In fact, weight training is the only sure way to change body composition. So drop the three pound dumbbells and grab the eight’s or 10’s (I mean your Michael Kors handbag is at least 10lbs). Still not motivated? Well listen up, lifting heavier weights is more effective in increasing muscle strength, which in turn increases your metabolism, annnnd burns more fat. Win win.

2. Stretching before exercise prevents injury.

It actually can do the opposite. Static stretching (stretches you hold) pre-workout is comparable to taking your car out for a drag race first thing on a winter morning. Crazy. Like your car you must be warm before you start holding stretches. Cold muscles limit joint mobility and can lead to pulled muscles. A better option is engaging in some dynamic stretches that mimic your planned workout. Think walking before a run. Jumping jacks and body weight squats before lifting weights. Save bending over and touching your toes for the end of your sweat session when you and your muscles are nice and warm.

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