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Today marks the 40th anniversary of Rode v. Wade–the decision in 1973 to make abortion a constitutional right for women. Since this historic case, it’s been reported that 55 million women have received abortions. While this particular fact isn’t something to celebrate–the fact that women have the ability to choose what happens to their uterus, is. With a pro-choice president in our corner, women in the U.S. feel as if they have more support.

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President Obama made a statement today about the topic of abortion:

“Its historic commitment to protect the health and reproductive freedom of women across this country and stand by its guiding principle: that government should not intrude on our most private family matters, and women should be able to make their own choices about their bodies and their health care. Today and every day, my administration continues our efforts to reduce unintended pregnancies, support maternal and child health, and minimize the need for abortion.”

Through the last 40 years, successful efforts have been made across the country to reduce the amount of safe and legal abortions. Anti-abortionists have gotten legislature to pass more than 130 bills in the last two years with the purpose of overturning the decision.

The 40-year-old decision was a sticky one, as many pro-life and pro-choice groups have yet to find common ground. The latest Gallup poll on the abortion shows 52 percent of Americans saying abortion should be legal under certain circumstances, 25 percent wanting it legal in all cases, and 20 percent wanting it outlawed in all cases. This completely reflects the same ideals from the 70’s.

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If things are to change with Rode v. Wade, it’s up to the millennials. The youth (20’s and 30’s) are the ones who will make that decision. According to polls, this demographic doesn’t feel as if abortion isn’t a hot topic that needs a choice. Many of them feel it’s just a relative issue. So how will it turn out? Will a woman’s right to an abortion be taken?

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