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Women on Waves has set sail to Morocco to kick off a campaign to promote safe medication for abortions. This is the first time in  Muslim country where hundreds of women are said to undergo an illegal form of the procedure daily. Women on Waves in conjunction with Moroccan youth group Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms (MALI) has been aiming to prevent unsafe abortions and unwanted pregnancies by providing abortion pills via a traveling ship that sails the waters of countries where abortion is illegal.

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It’s been reported that the controversial ship’s campaign has gotten some push back from Moroccan authorities. They closed down the harbor to block the ship’s arrival, but the organizations involved claimed that they are looking for a different way to get to the Moroccan coast. I’m sure this news makes Mitt Romney a happy fellow. The pro-life supporting politician would be the first to shoe away this ship. If he were to get elected this year, we’d probably need their services!

The bravery of this organization is inspiring. They are also set to hit the Middle East and the North African region (MENA). Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, the founder of Women on Waves has said:

“The real goal is the information. By doing a campaign in Morocco, it’s also kind of a signal and we hope we can help women in other MENA countries to get access to this information. There’s a big backlash to women’s rights [in the region] and abortion rights is one of the first lifesaving things for women that suffers.”

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