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Gun control has become such a hot button topic recently, what with more public shootings popping up all over the country. People in America are worried about their safety in everyday settings, including, but not limited to college campuses. Recently Indiana State Senator Jim Banks introduced a bill that will bring more guns onto college campuses to reduce sexual assaults.

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Senator Banks said, “That’s what’s compelling about this issue, is how many female students there are around the state, who have very specific and real reasons to be afraid for their own safety on their campus,” While gaining support from Students For Concealed Carry, the bill still may not be fully pushed this year.

I can’t even believe there’s an organization that advocates carrying guns on campus. I realize that we’ve faced quite a number of public shootings, but carrying fire arms while going from the “yard” to class is something that bothers me. What’s happening to our safety? According to the Wall Street Journal, four college campuses have already sanctioned policies permitting guns on campus.

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I understand the idea of carrying guns remedying campus rape, but what about teaching these students more about rape. There is clearly an issue dealing with unhealthy attitudes toward women (ahem: legitimate rape) and the lame responses of school officials to sexual assaults.

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