The professional pipeline 501c3 initiative and premier beauty brand have collaborated on a life changing financial award for young girls of color.

Apparently, staff members from East Middle School in Binghamton, NY, believed the students were on drugs.

A Texas nursing student has the entire the Internet giving one textbook the side-eye with its racist description of Black people. A woman named Jazmine Lattimore posted an alarming entry from her textbook, Journey Across the Life Span: Human Development and Health Promotion, on Facebook. The passage, titled African Americans, goes on to describe Black […]

One mother is outraged after she discovered that her child was hit by a teacher. Tiffany Fields of North Carolina was speechless when she came across a Snapchat video of a Cotswald Elementary School hitting her daughter, Cinaii, with a swiffer broom. “You cannot be a teacher and be able to teach children if you […]

Yara Shahidi is continuing to be young Black excellence as it rains college acceptance letters.

The South Mountain Elementary School apologized for the assignment and took the drawings down from the school's hallway.

Plus, Talladega College band raises nearly $600K for Trump inauguration and the IRS plans to delay tax refunds for millions of low-income families.

Tionna Norris said that her 3-year-old child's teacher claimed that the students were bullying her because of her "stinky" hair—a claim that the school confirmed was not true.

A lawsuit claims that a Black teacher was called "a gorilla in a sweater" with "f---ing nappy hair" and another was made fun of for their “big lips.”