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Help us, Father! A young college student who we’ll call “Hope” recently gave Rihanna a run for her social-media-rant money when she took to Facebook and slammed her ex-boo, “Huey,” and his girlfriend #2. Out of respect, she paid homage to the Twitter tantrum queen with a quote from one of my fave Rihanna jams, “Take a Bow.”

In efforts of “Calling out the BI*CHA**NESS in 2013,” the Dartmouth student told it all, including how her former beau pushed her, attempted to “smash” her between two cars and how he even claimed that the two of them were exclusive, only to later kick her out of his dorm room on the day of Hurricane Sandy!

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The jabs and stabs at her college sweetheart were only a warm-up, however, as she soon shifted gears and went full throttle with no mercy at the side chick, who she’s nicknamed “Rebound Rhonda.” Hope called Rebound Rhonda everything but a child of God and made it known that their common link never claimed her and how she’s no competition. Other quotes included:

“AND SORRY TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE…but if you really think he’s over me, you’re mistaken… are the rebound b$tch…so I’m still laughing at you!”

“YOU ARE SO THIRSTY FOR THE PE*IS that you go and throw shade and talk about me to ‘Huey’ in order to break up our friendship?”



“I’m sure this is the biggest ego boost you’ve ever experienced in your life. Enjoy while it lasts.”

For good measure, she concluded her ratchet address with a scripture, Proverbs 23:16. Of all the disturbing things that struck a chord with me in this post, including the alleged domestic violence, one of them is how she put so much effort into addressing the mistress.

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Rule number one when you find yourself on the victim end of an affair is to never, ever address the “other woman.” Whether she knew about your relationship or not, she’s not the person who promised a commitment to you, so therefore she has no obligation of loyalty to you. Period. As much as poor-baby Hope attempted to make “Rebound Rhonda” look like second-hand scum, she only made herself look bitter and pitifully immature. Though she claimed “Rebound Rhonda” is no competition, she proved that she in fact is by taking the time to address her in several lengthy paragraphs–a bigger word count than she gave the real person at fault. When people are truly “no competition” and irrelevant, they aren’t worthy of mentioning.

Usually, when a chick knows about your relationship and still pursues your guy, she gets some type of satisfaction from you finding out and the painful heartbreak that follows. Your flipping out pacifies her and makes her victorious. In addition, engaging in such Tomfoolery stoops you to her insecure and sad level. In the event that the rebound chick is a dear friend or family member, addressing her and expressing your feelings of hurt and betrayal may be necessary, but should still be done with class and in private.

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Another mistake Hope made, like other college kids, was going in so hard on Facebook. Not that a phone call or face-to-face confrontation would have been okay, but at least it would not have left a permanent paper trail of this very low moment that she will one day regret. Unfortunately, her words will never be deleted as probably more than half her campus peers have already screenshot the blast and sent it to their contacts.

As entertaining as this Facebook drama was to Dartmouth’s student body, it was all at Hope’s expense. Losing your temper to such a degree may earn you a few cool points and prove to your peers how you don’t take disrespect, but that is all temporary. College is only a bigger high school with more freedom, and these same kids cheering Hope on will soon switch sides and chatter about how dumb she looked and how “Rebound Rhonda” stole her man. College is a phase, a transition; and one day she will leave and hopefully become a productive and respectable member of society. Now, because of one heated moment, she will have to worry about if this situation (which she’ll realize after graduation was never that deep) will taint her future before she even got a chance to live it.

This is not an aim to judge Hope because many of us have been that young girl who felt betrayed and wanted nothing more than to get our betrayer back. For those of us who were once Hope, we can tell you that payback wasn’t at all worth it and didn’t alleviate our pain–not for long, anyway. Speaking from experience as a former college girl, I can tell you the best way to get revenge is to stay in your element and strut the campus extra fly and unbothered.

Should you cross paths with your now enemy, don’t acknowledge their presence, not even with a rolling of the eyes. Just keep it moving as if they’re a complete stranger. Your reaction, or lack of, will hurt them way more than your verbal and/or physical confrontation will. Hopefully, Hope will redeem her reputation and those of you reading won’t make the same mistake.

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