Forgive me if I’m a little preoccupied trying to figure out what Michelle Obama will be wearing to the inauguration and which girl out of Joe Budden’s love triangle octagon is the main chick, but the real news was real this week.

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There’s lies you tell yourself about your money that you should stop before you’re 30, Rush Limbaugh has an opinion on gun control and so does Ted Nugent, the six men who raped the Indian woman have been charged with murder and more. Check out your cheat sheet below.

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1. Stop Lying To Yourself About Money, Especially Before You Turn 30

The big 3-0 is a milestone no matter who you ask. While many publications try to get us to be smarter, funner, more cultured and healthy by the time we’re 30, many of us don’t focus on the lies we tell ourselves for years. Things like your finances will figure themselves out, getting married because it’s the next step and owning a home by 30 are a few. Check out these financial lies you need to stop telling yourself by the time you’re 30 on Yahoo.

2. Six Men Charged With Murder In Indian Gang Rape Case

The Indian woman who thought she was on a public bus with her date ended up brutally beaten and raped to death still remains one of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard. The six men responsible for the “joyride” that left the 23-year-old student without most of her intestines outside of her body, have been charged with murder. Indian authorities are seeking the harshest punishment possible and the men may even face the death penalty. Check out the full story on Guardian UK.

3. Rush Limbaugh Is Against President Obama‘s “Gun Grab”

“What could a bunch of liberal Democrats worried about guns, talking about using executive orders…? What could it possibly be about? A gun grab,” the conservative commentator on his radio show. Rush Limbaugh does not believe in the “executive action” Vice President Joe Biden spoke of in regards to gun control. Check out the full story on Politico.

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4. Texas Strippers Need A License?

State Rep. Bill Zedler, has proposed a new bill that he says would help protect exotic dancers from sex trafficking. HB 337 would require strippers across the state to obtain and display special licenses that reveal their real names while they are dancing! “They could wear it around the neck…or on their shoes…or attached to a head band,” Zelder suggests. Check out the crazy story on Daily Beast.

5. Teen Burns Down Black Church Because It Was A Black Church

18-year-old Jean-Claude Bridges is the young man responsible for burning a black church in Danville, VA to the ground. United States Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy said Bridges admitted that “he burned down the church because of the race, color and ethnicity of its congregation” and “Mr. Bridges’ racial bias led him to commit the dangerous crime of arson.” Read the full racist tale on Jezebel.

6. Ted Nugent Thinks Gun Owners Are Like Rosa Parks

Recently in an interview, Ted Nugent put his foot in his mouth about gun owners. “There will come a time when the gun owners of America, the law-abiding gun owners of America, will be the Rosa Parks and we will sit down on the front seat of the bus, case closed.” Check out the full story on The Grio.

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