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The powers that be in Saudi Arabia beheaded a woman for allegedly killing a four-month-old baby, Naif al-Quthaibi who was under her care some eight years ago. Rizana Nafeek was convicted of murder in 2007 when she was only 17-year-old. Nafeek’s death is a violation of international child rights.

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According to BBC, “The Saudi interior ministry said on Wednesday that Ms Nafeek was executed for smothering the infant after an argument with the child’s mother in the town of al-Dwadmi.” While the entire story is still muddled and we have no idea is Nafeek purposely killed the child, women’s rights in Saudi Arabia are pretty much nonexistent.

It seems Nafeek was set up. It’s being said that her confession may have been made without the proper setup. There was a language barrier and the poor child had no legal council. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have both come down on Saudi Arabian government for their handling of Nafeek’s case.

Even though Nafeek’s parents have countlessly appealed her conviction, the Saudi Arabian maid was still executed for the child’s death. It’s being reported that “Saudi Arabia is one of just three countries that executes people for crimes they committed as children,” said senior HRW women’s rights researcher Nisha Varia, It looks like Nafeek is just another victim.

The Colombo government has done next to nothing to ensure Nafeek’s legal rights, even though the Sri Lankan government denies those claims.

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