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Twitter comic, Jenny Johnson was recently featured in Glamour (thank you Britni Danielle for spotting it), where she is praised for speaking her mind against R&B bad boy Chris Brown. The article’s title, “Speaking Your Mind? Always A Do” leads you to believe that the sailor-mouthed funny woman is a hero of sorts for standing up to Breezy on Twitter.

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Johnson only had to “stand up” to Brown because she purposely ruffled his feathers for two years until she finally got a rise out of him that caused the great Chris Brown Quit Twitter scandal (which didn’t last). I’m not saying that Chris didn’t deserve to be bad-mouthed, and I’m not saying that Johnson deserved Brown’s harsh replies, but I am simply wondering–what happens when the bully is bullied?

Chris Brown’s unfortunate temper caused him to beat the beautiful face of his then (and now) girlfriend Rihanna. The whole world watched the drama unfold in horror and that’s when everybody started to hate Chris, including people like Jenny Johnson, who made no apologies for taking Chris Brown’s every tweet and making it the butt of her jokes.

Jenny is a self-proclaimed @$%hole and in order to slang real comedy, sometimes you just have to be one. Ask any comedian if they have friends or family members who stopped talking to them based on some joke that was just too real. Some of Jenny’s jokes on Twitter are just…awful.

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Brown is like that age-old tale of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf.” He’s kicked and screamed with so much voracity, it’s like we don’t even want to hear what he has to say anymore. This is most likely why someone like Jenny Johnson, who is also a bully, could end up featured in a magazine like Glamour, instead of being shunned by it.

Jenny caused Brown’s temporary reprieve from Twitter, so I guess she won the battle she set out to fight against him. But she didn’t win the war. Brown is still Grade A jerk in social media, antagonizing fans and blatantly showing the world he’d rather keep Rihanna and Karrueche ties to a string than let them go. Attention is what the “Look At Me Now” singer craves and maybe he’s won this battle against Johnson because it was her undivided attention to him that gave her 15 minutes of heroic fame.

Like you, I used to pack my bag when I was growing up, angry over the way my mom disciplined me. Even with tear-filled eyes and a determination to pack everything I considered important, I had no intention of leaving. Did you? I just wanted the attention and so did Chris Brown when he packed up and left Twitter. But we see you Chris. We’ve always seen you. Ask Jenny Johnson.

Clutch Mag claims that because of Johnson’s “soccer mom” look, her mean-spirited and bullying tweets to Chris Brown are accepted and even glorified in Glamour. I agree. I don’t believe Johnson should be praised for her “defense,” instead the bully needs to know that some battles don’t need to be fought. When you’re a bully who bullies a bully and you fit the right type of mold, fame happens and something’s just not right about that.

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