The 46-year-old supermodel took to social media to apologize, but not directly to Dani Evans, the young woman she bullied into "fixing" the gap in her teeth.

Nigel Shelby, 15, died on April 18 after enduring homophobic bullying at school and suffering from depression.

Raniya Wright was knocked unconscious and died two days later in the hospital. The authorities have released little information about her death.

In this exclusive interview, Briana Hampton shares why she publicly uplifted her son and offers tips on how to protect your children from bullying.

Parents of a Brooklyn first-grader schooler, who was bullied and beat to the point where he was urinating blood, are blasting the school for not being proactive. According to the New York Daily News, as a result, the family the 6-year-old student, Timir Berkley-Baylor, is suing the city after the child was repeatedly kicked in his […]

A’layah Weatherspoon's mother and father want for other parents to be vigilant in speaking with their children about their feelings.


If you’ve been on social media the last few days, you’ve likely seen the name Keaton Jones trending. The young teenage boy was featured in a tearful viral video where he talks about being severely bullied. The video became so popular that a host of celebrities reached out to him and a GoFundMe account was […]

LeBron James & JR Smith were just a few of many high-powered stars who reached out to encourage middle-school student Keaton Jones, even though his mother is a cyber bully herself.

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An African-American girl, who was only 10 years old, took her own life after severe bullying at a Colorado school in a horrific tragedy.

Ashawnty Davis' life ended too short when she committed suicide after a fight she was in was posted on the Internet.

Brianna Brochu, the 18-year-old suspect, was kicked out of the school over her deviant actions.

Two weeks after falling victim to a tragic prank, Jamoneisha Merritt says she is "ready for tomorrow."