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Last night on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the ladies were continuing their getaway with their boos in Anguilla. We left off with Kenya flirting with Phaedra’s husband, Apollo, so you can only imagine the type of shade that was thrown on this week’s episode. Check out some of the highlights below:

Kenya, Are You And Walter Really Dating, For Real?

That seemed to be the main question of this week’s episode, and Nene wasted no time in asking Kenya to reveal the truth about her and Walter’s “relationship.” Of course we all know that Kenya and Walter’s relationship was indeed fake, but kudos to Nene for calling it out right away. Kenya assured everyone that she had her relationship under control, but the girls were confused about why Kenya was flirting with everybody’s husband and even the random guy that came into the house. “Some things are just off limits, one of them being people’s husbands,” Phaedra told the cameras. If Kenya was really on the hunt for a ring, flirting with other people’s man was certainly not the way to go about it! Porsha wasn’t too pleased with Kenya’s actions and how she flirted with Apollo and Peter and brought it to Cynthia’s attention. Apparently, Cynthia didn’t see Kenya grinding on Peter because she was too busy grinding on him herself, but decided to let that one slide as long as it didn’t happen again. After Phaedra confronted Kenya about flirting with Apollo, she apologized and made amends with the other girls, at least for the time being. But if I were Phaedra and Cynthia, I would definitely keep my eyes on little Miss USA.

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Cynthia & Peter’s Wedding Part 2

Since Cynthia and Peter’s original wedding a few years ago was a disaster (mainly due to Cynthia’s mom and sister), Peter decided to surprise Cynthia with a vow renewal ceremony while they were on vacation. Peter told all of the men on the trip to get their women on board and to keep it as a surprise from Cynthia. Everyone dressed in all white and met to go on what Cynthia thought was a boat ride. When they arrived to the site where the ceremony would take place, Cynthia still didn’t catch on until everyone sat down except for Peter, who finally revealed to her that he arranged this whole ceremony for their renewal. The ceremony was beautiful, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Peter and Cynthia confessed their love for each other once again. When Cynthia threw her bouquet, Nene caught it, which set Greg off into a frenzy! Hold on Greg, you have some more proving to do before you and Nene walk back down that aisle again, but cheers for being optimistic!

 Kenya Vs. Porsha

Just when we thought there was nothing but love in the air, Porsha and Kenya almost killed each other in the middle of paradise. It all started when the girls met in their pajamas for some drinks and snacks and to recap their day. Nene brought up Porsha and Kenya’s relationship and said that she was glad they seemed to be getting along great while they were all on vacation. Once Porsha started talking about what actually happened between her and Kenya, things got a little heated after Porsha told Kenya that she was a non factor and called her old. Those must be Kenya’s fighting words, because at that very moment Kenya was ready to rip Porsha’s head off! The girls argued for a good 20 minutes and finally ended when Nene broke the girls apart and tried to calm them both down. Kenya did a couple of “Gone With The Wind” twirls before making her grand exit; Nene was left wondering if this was “movie night;” Porsha was sitting by the pool shaking her head at the drama that just went down and Phaedra politely sipped her tea in the midst of chaos. Gotta love these Southern Belles.

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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