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On last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” we were finally introduced to newest housewife Porsha Stewart. Not only did we witness Porsha’s first on screen argument, we also got caught up on Greg and Nene, who are rekindling their relationship and witnessed Nene ride the NYC subway for the very first time.

Check out some of the highlights below:

Nene & Greg Rekindling Their Relationship

As you know from last season (if not, keep reading) Nene and Greg’s relationship has been on a roller coaster ride for the past couple of years. On last night’s episode, Greg and Nene decided to spend the day together, which included going to get a manicure and pedicure. While getting their feet done, Greg asked Nene again for a key to not only her house, but to her heart! She seemed irritated by Greg’s constant attempt to get back into her life, but deep down inside I’m sure she was excited at his attempts. If Greg keeps this up, I’m sure he’ll wear Nene down!

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Nene Heads To New York City

Nene’s acting career has really just started but she’s already a huge star. She headed to NYC to do a few press runs for her new show, “The New Normal” and met Cynthia who also happened to be in town at the same time. The two explored New York together and Cynthia took Nene on her first subway ride. Although Nene was a little grossed out by riding the public transit system in NYC, she enjoyed talking with some college students on the train who were big fans of hers and aspiring actors. After her subway experience, Nene said that she would prefer to continue to have a driver rather than brave the mass transit system.

Porsha Meets Kenya

Porsha Stewart was introduced on last night’s episode and she came in with a bang. As the granddaughter of civil rights leader, Hosea Williams, she made a statement on the show for her humanitarian work and marriage to ex-NFL player Kordell Stewart. Porsha recruited Kenya to come and make an appearance at her upcoming charity event, and the ladies met for lunch. During their meeting, the ladies got real acquainted, perhaps too acquainted because in the middle of lunch, Porsha took it upon herself to ask Kenya about her marital status and how many children she wanted. “I’m being blindsided by a lot of personal questions. Does she want me to be the guest of honor at her charity event or her BFF?” Kenya told cameras. Right away it was obvious that these two wouldn’t be friends for too much longer.

Charity Event Gone Wrong

When it was finally time for Porsha’s charity event, Kenya reluctantly attended. Things were going well at first, until Porsha introduced Kenya as  “Miss America” instead of “Miss USA” and if it’s one thing that we’ve learned about Kenya so far it’s to not mess up her title. “How do you get that wrong? She’s not a public speaker,” Kenya told cameras. Obviously, Kenya was the only one that was annoyed, because she stormed out of the charity event making the excuse that she was too cold to stay inside in the air conditioning any longer. When Porsha approached Kenya and asked what was wrong the two started arguing about who felt the most disrespected, Kenya because her title was wrong and Porsha because Kenya stormed out of her charity event. “I have a line and the line has been crossed. We’re at my grandfather’s home. You have disrespected my legacy!” Porsha told Kenya before proceeding to kick her out of the event.  “You didn’t kick me out. This is my back as I’m leaving,” Kenya later told cameras. Sure thing Kenya, whatever makes you feel better!

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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