It’s the end of the road for this season of “Tamar & Vince” but luckily for us, they’re leaving us with a big treat: a live performance of Tamar’s new single, “Love & War”! It’s been a long time coming for our favorite Braxton sister, but “she, me, her” has finally arrived. After a couple of choreography problems and a wardrobe malfunction, Tamar pulled off her showcase in amazing fashion! Check out the recap below.

Choosing the Dancers

Tamar was ready to do her showcase and introduce the world to her music but first she needed to choose background dancers to help her look good on stage. Luckily for Tamar, she got to sit in on the dancers audition and watch some sexy guys take off their shirts and dance for her. LaShawn was also chosen as a judge, but he wasn’t as excited to watch the men thrust their bodies around as Tamar was. Finally, after an intense audition, they chose the perfect eye candy for the showcase and judging by the way the auditions went, the showcase was going to be HOT!

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Couples Trip To Vegas

Tamar, Vince, LaShawn and April decided to take a quick get away, clear their heads and have a little fun. While at dinner in Vegas, Vince told everybody that he had a surprise for them, and that surprise was that he wanted to remarry Tamar! The four of them went over to the little chapel where “Elvis” greeted them. In typical Tamar and Vince fashion, the two of them acted silly while walking down the aisle, and then Tamar sang her vows for Vince. After the ceremony, Vince expressed to Tamar how much she meant to him and how much more he loved her now than ever. So cute! Gotta love the Herberts!

Final Rehearsal Before The Showcase

After returning from Vegas, it was time to get it right and get it tight for the upcoming showcase. During their final rehearsals, Tamar struggled to remember her dance moves and even the lyrics to her own songs! Fortunately for her, she had her “husbandger”, Vince, right by her side encouraging her to practice and get better. Tamar didn’t feel like Vince was all the way confident in her, but Vince just wanted to push her to be the best that she could be!

The Big Day

Finally, the day came for Tamar’s showcase. After practicing all day long and having issues with the chair that she was supposed to perform in, she got ready to hit the stage. Her big sister, Toni, came to show her support, and helped her out backstage with putting the final touches on her makeup, hair and outfit. Things weren’t going too great back there though, and to make matters worse, she found a hole in her costume right near her “Suzie” that needed to be fixed before she went on stage! Everyone scrambled around back stage to try and figure out a way to fix Tamar’s costume, and finally a whole hour and a half later, Tamar was ready to hit the stage. Vince surprised Tamar with a video recording from Lady Gaga and Wendy Williams who wished her good luck on her performance. It gave Tamar the extra boost of confidence that she needed. When she took the stage, she massacred it and made everyone (especially Vince and Toni) extremely proud! “She, me, her has finally arrived!” Tamar told the cameras after the showcase. Congratulations, Tamar! Now the world can finally share in  your talent!

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Watch the performance, here:

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